Ministry Directory

Adult Biblical Education
– Sunday morning Truth tracks
– Sunday night Bible Study – David Welker
1st contact: David Miller
2nd contact: Tracy Thieret


Biblical Counseling & Care
– Hospital visitation
– One on one & family counseling
1st contact: David Miller
2nd contact: Dan Bork


Building Reservations
– Wedding/Funeral reservations
– Foyer/Café reservations
– Cafeteria/Kitchen reservations
1st contact: Ben Rogers
2nd contact:


Church Security
– Service /Event security
– Lost Child / Broken locks
– Suspicious items
1st contact: John DiMascio
2nd contact:


Church Office/Financial
– Offering/Giving Information
– Prayer Requests
1st contact: Lynne Cymbal
2nd contact: Ben Rogers


Church Wide Promotion and Communication
– Website/social media promotion
– Sunday am rotator/bulletin/Pastor’s Post
– Church calendar / Welcome center
1st contact: Ben Rogers
2nd contact: Kaynenn Parker


– Meal assistance
– Card encouragement ministry
– Wedding/Funeral Committees
1st contact: Megan Doan
2nd contact: Debbie DiMascio


– Personal financial issues
– Home physical Labor
1st Contact: Tracy Thieret
2nd contact: Richard Erbland


– Doctrinal issues
– Unrepentant Sin issues
– Constitutional / Vision related questions
1st contact: Bob Lelio
2nd contact: Jon Westa


– Doors/Lights/heating & cooling/etc.
– Church building repairs
– Grounds & Landscape
1st contact: Bill Whitaker
2nd contact: Paul Dietrich


Fellowship Ministries
– Home fellowships
– Community/Small groups
– Welcome receptions
1st contact: David Miller


– Welcome desk / General information
– Convergence
1st contact: Stephen Doan
2nd contact: Megan Doan


Media Ministry
– Projector/Laptop set up
– Microphone/sound system set up
– Event support
1st contact: Craig Carnahan
2nd contact: Paul Dietrich


– Local / International Missions
– Missionary support
– Woman’s prayer circle (Joan Battaglia)
1st contact: Wade Sheldon
2nd contact: Dave Welker


Music Ministry
– Sunday Worship Service
1st contact: Trevor Leach
2nd contact: Craig Carnahan


Seasoned Saints
1st contact: Dick & Sylvia Flower
2nd contact: Barb Hallimen


Student Biblical Education & Nursery
Sunday am/Wednesday pm child care
Student Bible teaching (Sun & Wed)
1st Contact: Kaynenn Parker
2nd Contact: Dave Welker


Tech Solutions
– Internet issues
– Computer support
– Wifi
1st contact: David Miller
2nd contact: Sherwin Temple



Women’s Ministry
– Biblical edification of women
– Retreats / Women of the Word
1st contact: Ruthie Fletcher
2nd contact: Diane Bork