Kingdom Kids is a Sunday morning children’s program for kid’s grade 1-5.

What can you expect?

Children will worship with their parents in the sanctuary until dismissed from the service.

Children will sit and listen to an engaging lesson together, taught by our “Shepherds”, followed by a creative craft that helps to make the lesson memorable lead by our “Hands”. The Kingdom Kids format intentionally matches the adult format allowing for a better transition from children’s service to an adult service. Parents are always welcome to sit in on the lessons and partake of the truths their children are being taught.

How can I serve?

Kingdom Kids is intentionally set up to be service friendly.

You don’t need to be a Bible scholar to participate. If you have administration skills or just like working with children, there is a spot for you! And our curriculum is built to give our Shepherds all the information needed to teach a Kingdom Kids lesson. We currently have a 2-week on 6-week off rotation. Hands are responsible for craft time, which is always a joy to partake of. The more creative the better!

For more information

email: ben@websterbible.org