Olympians (Grade 1-5)


What is Olympians?

Olympians is a program for grades 1-5 that has been developed by Word of Life. The central theme of Olympians is the development of a daily quiet time with the Lord. Each grade level (1-2, 3-4, 5) has their own quiet time manual designed for their age that they use each day. The program has a preschool, teen, and adult component as well, so families can use their quiet time diaries each day. All of the levels have the same Bible passage, encouraging the family to study together. The quiet times will cover the entire Bible in a six-year cycle.

Olympians also includes scripture memory, encouragement to engage in Christian service, and support for the student to read Christian literature.


What does an Olympian meeting look like?

We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 during the school year, September, and run until May. We also hold Summer Olympians once a month during June, July, and August.

A typical meeting starts with check-in time where one of the leaders will review the week’s quiet times with the student, discussing what they have learned and encouraging them in their walk with the Lord.

This is also the time that we listen to any verses that the students have memorized. As the students finish their check-in, they are involved in singing. Olympians memorize the pledges to our country’s flag, the Christian flag, the Bible, and to the church. The key verse of Olympians is Philippians 3:14. We also have an Olympian song that we sing each week.

Next comes a review of the previous week’s lesson, followed by the lesson we are working on for that
week. The Olympian lesson includes direct Bible teaching, skits, audience participation, and some special effects to drive home the Biblical perspective. Following the lesson, we divide up in age-level groups to discuss and apply the lesson. The evening concludes with game time. We make an effort to pick a game that also emphasizes the night’s theme.


How do we sign up?

Come to a meeting and fill out a short form. We love visitors!

How can I serve?

Talk to Dave Welker (dwelker@rochester.rr.com). Talking to interested Olympian leaders makes him the happiest person in the whole USA.

Who should I contact for more information?

That’s Dave as well. Our leadership team includes Craig and Amy Welker, Pastor Dave and Pat Miller, Bette Barber, and Heather Armstrong.