Missions Vision Statement

“Extending God’s Glory through church planting among the unreached peoples of the world and through Gospel-centered compassion ministries in the Greater Rochester Community.”



The population of the world is over 7 billion people, 2 billion of which have no access to the Gospel.

Over 60,000 of them perish daily without having heard the Gospel. That is  24 million people a year! It is estimated that there are  16,000 people groups on earth and over 6,000 of those people groups are unreached with the Gospel of Christ! We are commanded in scripture to go the ends of the earth and make disciples of the Word of God.


8 teams/individuals and 1 candidate to the unreached are based overseas

7 teams/individuals are USA-based with overseas responsibility

9 teams/individuals are USA-based with a domestic responsibility


Russ & Kaye Chapman                                                                     Baptist Mid Missions – Mexico/Texas

Elaine Cole                                                                          BCM  (Bible Centered Ministries) International

Harry Fletcher                                                                                     Good News Jail and Prison Ministries

John & Celia Fletcher                                                                                                                           Pioneers

Dale & Carin LeRoy

Lee & Joanne Freace                                                                                               Crossworld International

Greg & Chris Miller

Dave & Esther Scovill

Mary Garland                                                                                                                Grace Global Ministries

Chis & Mihaela Guess                                         Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)

Bill & Lori Smith

Bob & Ann Henriques                                                                                                                Camino Global

John & Laura Iamaio                                                                                                                  NY State Cru

Dale Karen Marshfield                                                                                   Tri-M (Mobile Modular Ministry)

Jason McGuire                                                                          New Yorkers Family Research Foundation

Bill & Karen Salisbury                                                                                         Children’s Gospel Crusade

Dennis & Coletta Shelly                                          FIM (Fellowship of International Missions – Nigeria)

Andrew & Anna Smith                                                                                                                      Ethnos360

Barb Thomas                                                                                                          Rochester Family Mission

Bob & Janie Till                                                                                                          Greater Europe Mission

Rod & Jamie Whitney                                                                                                 Word of Life Fellowship