Take Courage – God Is In Control!

Pastor Matt Fletcher July 17, 2016 Text:  Acts 22:30-23-35 Transforming Truth:  We can testify with courage, knowing God is in control.  

The Price Of Gospel Progress

Pastor Matt Fletcher July 03, 2016 Text:  Acts 21:15-36 Transforming Truth:  Advance the gospel, and you’ll be attacked.  

Where He Leads Me

Pastor Matt Fletcher June 26, 2016 Text:  Acts 21:1-14 Transforming Truth:  Follow the Lord’s leading every step of your life’s journey.  

A Charge To The Elders Of The Church

Pastor Matt Fletcher June 19, 2016 Text:  Acts 20:17-38 Transforming Truth:  Elders serve the Lord by selflessly caring for God’s flock.  

Wanted: Encouragers

Pastor Matt Fletcher June 12, 2016 Text:  Acts 20:1-16 Transforming Truth:  Be an encourager to the body of Christ.  


Pastor Kaynenn Parker June 05, 2016 Text:  Acts 19:21-24

When The Going Gets Tough

Pastor Matt Fletcher May 22, 2016 Text:  Acts 18:1-28 Transforming Truth:  Our needs will never exceed God’s provision.