When Two Christians Collide

Pastor Matt Fletcher Mar. 06, 2016 Text:  Acts 15:36-41 Transforming Truth:  God does all things well, even when we don’t.  

Grace Alone!

Pastor Matt Fletcher Feb. 28, 2016 Text:  Acts 15:1-35 Transforming Truth:  Grace + Anything = No Gospel.  

The Thrill Of Life On A Wire

Pastor Matt Fletcher Feb. 14, 2016 Text:  Acts 14:1-18 Transforming Truth:  Spirit-filled witnesses are not full of fear or themselves.  

Perspective: How Do You See Things?

Pastor Matt Fletcher Feb. 07, 2016 Text:  Acts 13:44-52 Transforming Truth:  Faithful servants see God’s sovereignty at work in every situation.  

But They Went On

Pastor Matt Fletcher Jan. 24, 2016 Text:  Acts 13:13-15 Transforming Truth:  To be fruitful, you must be faithful.  

Mission Impossible

Pastor Matt Fletcher Jan. 17, 2016 Text:  Acts 13:4-12 Transforming Truth:  The Holy Spirit moves us forward in our mission to make disciples.  

The Forward Church

Pastor Matt Fletcher Jan. 10, 2016 Text:  Acts 13:1-3 Transforming Truth:  A church united in worship is mightily use by God.