The 7Cs of Creation

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Irv Salisbury

Jan 19, 2014

In this presentation, we compared and contrasted the secular worldview and the Christian worldview.

Here are the slides 7cs


The 7Cs are listed below as well as the major topics where the two worldviews clash.


  1.  Creation – (Genesis 1-2) – What was there in the beginning?  Do we have anyone to answer to?  Are humans a special creation?
  2. Corruption – (Genesis 3) – Why is there disease and death in the world?  Is the world evolving or devolving?
  3. Catastrophe – (Genesis 6-9) – How were the rock layers laid down?  What about the fossils?  Polystratic fossils? Long ages?  Ice ages?
  4. Confusion – (Genesis 10-11) – How did people scatter across the earth?  Evolution of languages?  People groups?  Ziggurats?
  5. Christ – Is there sin?  Do we need a savior?
  6. Cross – Why was Jesus crucified on the cross?  What did it mean?
  7. Consummation – What happens to us when we die?  How will the earth end?  How will the universe end?


Community Group Questions:

  1. Share with the group one thing that stuck out to you most about the presentation.
  2. Which of the 7Cs do you think in general Christians are weakest in defending and why?
  3. Discuss the consequences of teaching our children moral relativism and that they are part of that 1% of the pollution of the universe.
  4. Share how you might be able to use some of the 7Cs when witnessing to people.


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