Top 10 Questions Unbelievers ask Believers


These are the top 10 questions believers get asked by unbelievers.  Here are the questions we have already tackled and their 10 second answers.  Please feel free to watch the videos above for more detailed discussions about them.


Q1. Aren’t all religions praying to the same god?

A. The evidence shows that the major religions of the world contradict and exclude each other.  It is extremely difficult to make a case that all religions are praying to the same god.


Q2. Hasn’t science proven religion is just fairy tales?

A. What we currently observe in science leaves plenty of room for religious explanations.  Things such as the concepts of a singularity, dark energy, dark matter and the rise of life clearly leave room for even the most devoted scientists for religion.


Q3. Why Christianity?

A. We believe the evidence shows that Jesus Christ performed miracles, rose from death and His followers subsequently changed the world in a way unparalleled in history.  Jesus quoted from the Bible (Old Testament) and it contains (New Testament) reliable eye witness accounts to His teachings, so as Christians we take the Bible very seriously.


Q4. How can you believe in a god when there is so much evil and suffering in the world?

A. We believe the Bible teaches that in all the potential worlds that God could have created, He created this one, with the right amount of good and evil, to bring Him the most glory and the most people to Heaven without violating human choice.


Q5. Why would a loving God send anyone to Hell?

A. Hell is a place without ANY of God’s influence and people choose whether they will spend eternity with or without Him.


Here are our remaining questions and when we will be discussing them at our church.  These are all the first Wednesdays of a given month, and the discussion is at 6:30-8:00pm.  There is something for all ages including childcare.



What is up with your god condoning wiping out women and children?


How can you believe in a book that is full of contradictions?


What about all the people who don’t hear about Christ?


Why do bad things happen to good people?


Why do you have so many different bibles, shouldn’t there be just one?